Zaylan "Extraordinaire"! A Performing Artist with the Zeal & Spirit of A Conqueror!”

La D. Lace Vocalist/Songwriter


       ZAYLAN is a New York based EDM recording artist and performer who was born in the U.S.Virgin Islands.
             Zaylan’s music styles include all styles of House as well as Alternative, Nu-Disco. Easy-Listening and more.
         Growing up, Zaylan started writing his own songs and discovered a growing passion for performing so in 1987 he took his interest in music to another level and co-produced his 1st set of demos with rock musician Paul Mutineer.
However, Zaylan felt he wasn’t achieving the full musical sound he craved - so ultimately he and Mutineer parted ways.
      In 1998 Zaylan met multi-talented musician Keith Kemper and produced the mid-tempo electronic pop ballad “The Rain” as well as the earliest demos of his signature songs “Nothing Left For You Here” & “Someday Soon”.
    In 2005 & 2007 Zaylan released his 1st 2 CDs and toured locally to promote his releases but then In 2008 to 2013 Zaylan experienced a life-altering setback that also made him shift his focus temporarily - but his passion as a solo artist was still alive and very strong - so in 2015 - 2017 Zaylan finished and released all of his previously unreleased music most with accompanying music videos and is now actively performing, producing and releasing new music including well- received songs like “Never Give Up (If It’s Your Dream)” ,“The Back Of My Mind” and “I’m Getting Up”, which are all commercially available worldwide.

Press Photos artist with a gift for timeless songs with universal appeal that people of all ages will relate to.”


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