Updated december 2019

ZAYLAN is a New York based EDM recording artist and
performer who was born in the U.S.Virgin Islands.
             *Zaylan’s music styles include all styles of House as well
 as Alternative, Nu-Disco. Easy-Listening and more.
         *As a child In the late 1970s Zaylan started writing his own
songs and discovered a growing passion for performing so in 1987
he took his interest in music to another level by booking studio time  
and co-produced his 1st set of demos with rock musician Paul Mutineer.
 Mutineer brought the new wave/euro-rock sound  but Zaylan’s aim
was Classic House & Contemporary Dance. Out of these two different
approaches an alternative music style was created. It was predicted
that some of this early work with Mutineer in early 1990 had potential
to become the musical wave of the future with elements of techno.
However, Zaylan who, at the time, was relatively inexperienced as an
artist, felt out of his league and that he wasn’t achieving the musical
sound he craved - so ultimately Mutineer and Zaylan parted ways.
     * In 1998 Zaylan met multi-talented musician Keith Kemper and
produced the mid-tempo electronic pop ballad “The Rain” (which was
 eventually released on Zaylan’s 2007 CD “Zaylan Sound:Volume One”.
This is also when the earliest demos of Zaylan’s signature songs
“Nothing Left For You Here” & “Someday Soon”were produced.
By 2000, the artist began producing some of his own demos entirely
while continuing to work with Kemper on specific projects. He also
teamed up with freestyle artist/producers Amentahj and Cdaejah
who Zaylan credits with helping him gain more confidence to trust his
own creative vision. For the next few years Zaylan participated in
showcases with Amentahj’s creative crew & further develop his craft.
    *In 2005  & 2007 Zaylan released his 1st 2 CDs worldwide and
toured locally to promote his releases but then In 2008 to 2013 Zaylan
experienced a life-altering setback that also made him shift his focus
temporarily towards behind the scenes demo production for other
local artists- but his passion as a solo artist was still alive and
very strong - so in 2015 -2017 Zaylan finished and released all of
his previously unreleased music most with accompanying music
videos and is now actively performing, producing and releasing new
music world-wide including well- received songs like “Never Give Up
(If It’s Your Dream)” ,“The Back Of My Mind” and “I’m Getting Up”.
   **Zaylan’s music can be purchased @ his website
as well as through several popular online stores including iTunes,
Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon & More.
         Visit Zaylan    @zaylanmusic (IG) (FB)


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